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Property Care

'An All Encompassing Flexible and Transparent Property Care Service'

At Thorpe, Whyman & Briggs, we understand everything about the building process - the good, the bad and the plain difficult. In particular, when we work with those in the education industry, we know it’s about more than key priorities, funding streams, and logistics. It’s about the continual care, maintenance and quick response that`s required to keep day to day operations working effectively.

Having seen how schools need to operate first hand, right across England, our property care scheme takes our years’ of experience and allows us to provide both a regular and urgent helping hand to education properties, whenever they might need it. 

We have a reputation for providing a top-class design service to a number of schools, dealing directly with Headteachers and Governors alike. Extending that service means we can now include a bespoke responsive building repair and maintenance scheme, providing the best property care to schools who need help.

It’s designed to bring together our architectural offering with reliable and totally transparent maintenance care, dealing with annual safety checks, day to day essential repairs and a rapid response mechanism for use in emergencies.

Through the system, we can get value for money works completed, monitor expenditure and collect vital data, helping you to justify calls for investment from Government resources in the form of the Pupil Places, LCVAP or DFC initiatives.

The service is effective because as well as Development Planning for the future, we have a robust system in place for dealing with essential day to day needs and annual servicing requirements.

We specialise in:

  • Day to Day repairs and maintenance through a speedy response mechanism
  • Competent Annual Service Contractors providing best value on the Schools behalf through a structured analysis and selection procedure.
  • Close working with our Architectural team offering best advice.
  • Informed decision making for LCVAP and DFC as well as any Government Funding Initiatives such as Pupil Places through the Local Authority.
  • Development Planning for future years based on annual expenditure and identified cost analysis.

Everything we undertake is cost effective and in accordance with current legislation and Codes of Practice and under Health and Safety guidelines. We understand how tight the budget is in education, which is why we’ve created this unique property care scheme to help you fill those urgent gaps. 


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Having seen how schools need to operate first hand, right across England, our property care scheme takes our years’ of experience and allows us to provide both a regular and urgent helping hand to...

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