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Compliance in Education

Compliance in Education
  Published to Education and Resources on Sep 19, 2017

​Speaking to Headteachers and Governors alike recently, the need for guidance in building related matters is very pressing, especially when you consider the limitations on School budgets year on year.

Teaching and Learning takes place in a building environment that, whilst appropriate and accessible, is not always fit for purpose. Often, the buildings are old and inefficient and some are well beyond their `sell by date`.

There is a solution which is gaining momentum.

Thorpe Whyman and Briggs have extended their service offering to include, not just the architectural pretty bits, but also a Property Care facility that encompasses a totally flexible and transparent process built around 75 years of experience in the education sector.

The scheme is able to deal with:

  • Annual Checks and Compliance Issues
  • Development Planning
  • Electrical Testing
  • Architectural Design
  • Fire Integrity Checks
  • Statutory Consents such as Planning Permission
  • Legionella Surveys
  • Tender Procedures
  • Asbestos
  • Project Management
  • Energy Management
  • Applications for funding, LCVAP, DFC
  • Daily Maintenance and Repairs
  • Project Administration

Thorpe Whyman and Briggs provides a helping hand which you can call on at any time for property assistance that is trustworthy and transparent.

Our role is to deal with issues that arise either daily or consistently, whilst maintaining records, collecting data related to your financial outlay. We will advise on efficiencies and then use that information to justify expenditure through the regular funding streams available.

We want to remove the worries related to your Property Care, so that you can then focus on your day job.

We charge an administration fee for the service annually which is cheaper than you currently pay, and the system is incentivised for School clusters.

When the School Governors appoint Thorpe Whyman and Briggs Ltd, this is what they have to look forward to:

  • Dedicated Landline for Building Assistance

  • The Property Care is part of the Thorpe Whyman and Briggs Architectural Service

  • `Man in a Van` and only Certified Contractors

  • Building Data Collection assisting in Informed Decisions

  • Works Completed and a `Value for Money` Appraisal

  • Annual Servicing Contracts carried out ON TIME

  • Invoices are certified prior to presentation to the School

  • Regular reporting through periodic reviews or presentations to the Governing Body

  • The two sides of the Business work together getting work done, collecting essential data and saving time and money

  • Annual Schedule of expenditure available at all times

  • Information is available to the local authority or Diocese

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