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How To Achieve Good Design

How To Achieve Good Design

How To Achieve Good Design
  Published to Architectural & Interior Design on Apr 18, 2016

In order to get the best from your design ideas and aspirations, it is often better to adopt a series of processes.

They need:

​A Clear Vision. In a School, for example, how Education and Learning are to be delivered in the future

A ​Client Advisor. This person is often someone who can translate that vision into a working brief, somebody who might challenge the ideas and design proposals that perhaps fall short of aspirations. They can also evaluate the designs as an expert client.

​well-thought approach to sustainability, both in terms of the construction and the use of the building when it is complete.

A ​clear idea, of functional requirements

A ​thorough brief, an essential part of the tool kit, it is often developed over a period of time with the end-users. It contains specific requirements and takes account of the changing needs and the adaptability of future patterns. 

​Skilled Designers, who can engage in a constructive dialogue with the end-users.

​Good providers, whether they are managers or builders, they need to be able to rise to the challenge of the design and work well with clients, engaging them in the process.

​A programme that provides sufficient time, for the designers to achieve the best possible solution.

​A realistic and robust budget, that is sufficient to achieve a building of quality.

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